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Import/Export notes to/from Evernote.

It would be nice if Logos (both PC and iPad/iPhone/iPod versions) could import/export notes to/from Evernote. If possible the format should be compatible with OliveTree's BibleReader so the notes can be portable between applications.

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    Linden Linden shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This feature would save me so much time and effort, not only in my sermon prep but in my school work as well!

      • Steve RaubSteve Raub commented  · 

        Can you please incorporate the ability enlarge/zoom into the maps the Zondervan Atlas of the Bible.

        I had your Logos software in the mid to late 90's and was able to zoom into the map locations, including 3D views as well as measure the distance between two points.
        Why is this feature no longer available? It is not much use if a person is unable to get close detail of geographic areas of interest. $42.00 for an Atlas without the functionality to zoom in or enlarge the map area seems of little value.

        I have Logos 6, running on a Windows 7 Professional Platform. 3.16 GHz, 64 Bit Operating System.

        I was referred to your department via Customer Service.
        Please help.

        Thank you,

        Steven Raub

      • Kim UchimuraKim Uchimura commented  · 

        When I'm doing research for a sermon, I use Evernote to store information that I may need later. While it's great to highlight text, copy it then put it in Evernote, right now, because I have to go from Logos to Evernote and back again, it doubles to triples the amount of time it takes as compared to when I'm adding something to Evernote from Google. Evernote created a 'clipper' function that's great in Google - all I have to do is highlight the text, click on the icon at the header of the Google page and it automatically saves to where I selected with the first item copied. Perhaps Evernote and Dropbox and Kindle and all the others would work with Logos to develop the same functionality.

      • MJ SmithMJ Smith commented  · 

        It appears that one can export to OneNote ...

      • PetePete commented  · 

        Keeping notes within our personal Bibles is the reason we turn to electronic versions in the first place. Most of us have been through the Bibles with big margins etc. I used to print out books of the bible when doing Bibles studies that not only had wide margins but were double spaced so that I could take notes between verses; the opposite page was blank for even more note taking. Obviously this is not an ideal solution. However, I have been disappointed with the note taking capabilities in electronic editions. What we need is the flexibility of a paper bible combined with the power only electronic editions can give us. I want to highlight like crazy, Have access to lots of symbols, have link sets so I can jump between verses. The capability of linking files internally, locally, and to the web. I want to write between the lines, and draw lines. Create text boxes. I would love to include audio, videos, graphics, mind maps, pictures etc. If the multimedia is to much then create tighter integration with Onenote so that we can use that in conjunction with "Our Bibles". I want to see all these things when I open my Bible just as if I scribbled something in a paper version. Not just when I hover over or open another pane. Give us the choice. No Notes, Hover notes, or See my notes. Seems to me in this day and age that this should be possible. If Logos/Verbum would concentrate on this aspect alone you would sell more product especially to the average person in the pew. Call it "My Bible" or "Build a Bible". If you would do that, with all the other wonderful features your software offers would really make this a killer package.

      • AdamAdam commented  · 

        I am going to play devils advocate on this one. While I understand what you are all saying, can you imagine what it would take for the programmers at Logos to keep up with any and all format changes made to things like Evernote? I have some experience in computer programming and website design and I can tell you it is not an easy thing to do. You would be talking many man hours just to get it compatible first and then to maintain it. When in reality all you have to do is write out your notes in Logos note or whatever platform you use and copy and paste them with ctrl c and ctrl v. There are far more important things I would want Logos to use their time and money for, such as developing the EEC set they are providing.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        A simple feature added to select where notes and other information are saved would be the solution. Then you could save to any cloud-based program/ location and open on any device running Logos. Research done on a tablet or desktop products could then be interchangeable.

      • riw777riw777 commented  · 

        I don't think Logos should support just one note software package like this -- they already force us to make decisions about our platforms (no windows phones or tablets!); they should not be forcing us to use a single note package to get any sort of integration.

        I would vote for this if it were for better integration with ALL notes platforms, but I won't vote for an Evernote specific feature.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        If I could import notes back into Logos from my Kindle, I'd be more likely to purchase all books through Logos rather than Kindle.

        1)Purchase book in Logos
        2)Export to Kindle for reading, highlighting, notes, etc.
        3)Import back into Logos (directly or through evernote)

      • Phil.Phil. commented  · 

        Even better, it would be nice if I could highlight text in logos and send it straight to an Evernote note. I can already do this on my Kindle.

      • Jeremy BrownJeremy Brown commented  · 

        Included in this, I would like to see the ability to copy/paste to Evernote (I preach form evernote every week) I agree with Joel below - Evernote is here to stay... I even see it taking marketshare from words processing programs like MS Word

      • ARamARam commented  · 

        Please we need this one.

      • JoelJoel commented  · 

        Evernote is here to stay. Please implement this.

      • Anthony IngramAnthony Ingram commented  · 

        After I read any book in any format - print, ibooks, kindle or logos for ipad - I write and maintain a database of book summaries in Evernote for future reference. Being able to export notes from Logos would greatly enhance my ability to keep helpful summaries, including the ability to export my highlights from the "quotes" section of the highlights notes. Right now I can do this with the Kindle books, but with Logos I am limited to taking screen shots of the most important highlights to include in my summaries. Please set up the ability to export to Evernote, or to export to a format that can be uploaded to Evernote.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I would love to be able to import/export notes, but I rarely use Evernote. I have a Surface tablet and use OneNote due to the compatibility with Word.

      • pbasshampbassham commented  · 

        It'd be sweet if your Evernote content would just show up in a native logos search under one of those heading things. All of those wonderful articles that I have saved from across the internet, and notes that I have taken, integrated into logos would be super sweet. From seeing other applications that can access Evernote content in their apps, it seems like that would be possible.

        So, basically, I'd like to see more like, "Evernote Integration" rather than just import/export notes.

      • Steven KaminskiSteven Kaminski commented  · 

        I agree that this would be useful. Although Logos has added functionality to notes over the last several releases, but it would not be efficient for Logos to develop note-taking as a core competency: it does so many other things well. Let a note-taking app take this burden.
        I developed (but never released) a tight integration between Logos 3 notes and Mindjet's Mindmanager--it could record notes from the Logos UI, store them in a Mindmanager file, and display them in the Logos UI. It also could record search results with links to Logos resources, which the user could sort and annotate freely in MindManager.
        But, alas, the Logos 4 api is much more limited. As it stands, the public API does not allow for this level of integration.
        I'd like to help with this, if it ever happens.

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