I suggest you ...

Rework notes function - in one or multiple phases

Note attachment
• allow a note to be attached to multiple passages - with the note icon appearing on each passage
• allow all links - to other notes, PDF's mp3's, PowerPoint's, web, mind maps, sentence diagrams, vocabulary lists
• permit notes to be attached to a lemma, liturgical date, search string...
• allow default note icon color to be set at the file level; permit more colors (at least match L3)
• allow user selection of highlight style to indicate attached note/selected text - include suppressing highlighting or show only on mouse over
• improve input window (more like L3)
• sequence multiple note icons on a text by standard Prioritization

Note content
• permit at least as much formatting as in L3 which includes tables, illustrations, colored text, underlined text ...
• additional formating: fine control of font size, highlighting
• permit notes to be made from templates
• integrate a journaling feature - a note file that automatically includes date in the title and automatically sorts on date

Note navigation
• allow a search specifically on notes (or my content) with result search terms highlighted in automatically expanded notes
• allow tags on all notes and a search on those tags
• allow table of contents similar to L3
• sort sequences: (a) additional sequences: canon, created date, last modified date, user note title, highlighting; .(b) remember sequence function (allow temporary); (c) set priority for sort ket values (example: liturgical year)
• layout should remember position in a note file (specific note)
• add linkset functionality to notes (requires appropriate sort sequences) [this allows My Commentary; added to clippings it allows "My Catena"]
• ability to add notes to collections
• use right click rather than red x for delete
• permit drag and drop on multiple notes

Note specific functions:
• allow notes and note files to be merged or split
• add a reporting feature which pulls all notes on a given pericope into a printable, exportable file.
• Implement parity for Mac version

General functions - including but not limited to notes:
• include spell checker in notes
• retain "deleted" notes (and other user content) for a period of time - permitting a restore function
• improve the performance: keyboard entry, long notes and note files
• allow the sharing of notes between users
• automatic linking of Bible references to handle double punctuation and all standard citation abbreviations
• pop-up window (especially notes & references in notes) to be as large as the note requires with the ability to be pinned and scrolled.
• allow creation of new file and opening of any existing file via right-click (notes, clippings, etc.)
• allow prioritization of files (especially notes) in "My Content" section
• allow searching of My Content by heading
• allow the saving of a BWS either into a Clipping or a Note

Greater detail and examples available at http://community.logos.com/forums/t/30837.aspx?PageIndex=2

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    MJ Smith shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Jeff Poort commented  · 

        It should be easy to make the hyperlinks of Bible verses in my notes searchable so that I can go directly to where those verses were written down. Please make an upgrade!

      • Michael Dunlop commented  · 

        This has been up for over 3 years, and is the top-voted suggestion, but I still haven't seen any feedback from Logos. What's up?

      • dchriste commented  · 

        Two things that my seminary cohort agrees the notes function needs:
        - The ability to show at the top of the note the content highlighted or marked up when the note was made. This would make view notes in "Full" much better. Thus rather than seeing, "God's chief end...his mercy." we would see, "God's chief end in creation and redemption is to display for the benefit of his elect the fulness of his glory, especially his mercy." That to us is "full" view.

        - The second is fairly simple. Within the note/highlight document, if the marked up content icon (far left) would default to the markup type used to make the note, that would make visually searching a notes file easier.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        The one change that would help me the most would be the ability to create a simple table in a note, or even in a separate "table" document type. When studying and teaching I often need to create tables to compare, for instance, the passages in Isaiah that talk about a Messianic king, the conversion accounts in Genesis, the resurrection accounts in the gospels, etc. A perfect solution would allow a user to create a table, and then attach it to each of the passages discussed in it.

      • JoshR commented  · 

        Also, combining clippings and notes together would make annotating and clipping documents much easier. Agreed with these suggestions!

      • Bill Cook commented  · 

        Spell check, spel check, splel chcek!

      • Michael Dunlop commented  · 

        3 votes! Please Logos! It's incredibly disappointing that after spending $500 (Silver with student discount) I still find myself going back to the free OliveTree application because of it's vastly better notes.

        The primary thing I want is TAGGING. Please add tagging!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I agree with riw777 that link capabilities are essential to products like OneNote, etc. I want Logos to be about Bible things and not note things, so, how about using what is already available, but make it easy to access, especially using the Right-Click.

      • Jonathan commented  · 

        Notes would be better if they couldn't be deleted as easily. There should be a prompt to confirm whether or not the user wishes to delete the note.

      • Jonny5 commented  · 

        I would like to see a way to "tag" notes.

        I have come up with my own layered tagging system, to topically "tag" the Bible as I read through, and essentially keep all my notes in one giant file
        (Example: T: Jews: Festivals: Original: Passover - this would allow me to quickly search for passages regarding the Jews (search for "T: Jews") or to get more specific by adding one of the various sub-tags (search for "T: Jews: Festivals" - or most of the time I will search for ": Festivals" and this filters out any of the instances where I simply typed the word "festival" and simply find the places that are intentionally tagged). Obviously the layered-tag starts out more general and then moves more specific...

        ANYWAY...What I would like to see is not only an option to tag, but also an option to filter by tag (excluding other text), and the PRINT what is filtered, as it appears on my screen.

        (The idea being, that when I need to prepare a Bible study on the Jewish festivals, I can simply use my tag filter, print that file, and have a big head start which pulls together not only those passages, but my notes right there with them! :)

        Thank you!

      • Ken Baker commented  · 

        This has my 3 votes primarily because of the ability to link mp3's, video files, other documents within the notes themselves.

        Other than that, it sounds like an amalgamation of a word processor, PBB, and notes as they exist.

        Consolidation of these things would be nice for the end user.

      • Donovan Palmer commented  · 

        I agree with riw777 in that link capabilities are essential to products like OneNote, Devonthink, Circus Ponies, etc. While I agree with a number of these enhancements, I accept that Logos will never be able to be able to handle all kinds of data from all kinds of domains in its notes.

      • riw777 commented  · 

        I would actually suggest better links to external packages, rather than making Logos into a full blown notes taking package. Logos is never really going to be able to compete with OneNote or EverNote, and I don't necessarily want the Logos team to spend a lot of time trying to --better just to use what's already on the market, IMHO.

      • Matt commented  · 

        As a first phase implementation this is what would be really helpful at this point. Since I have a created note-file for each book that I highlight in (commentary, etc.) I would love to be able to have the following work-flow:
        (1) Select text
        (2) Add annotation (i.e. yellow highlight, red underline, etc.)
        (3) Immediately following my annotation, be prompted/asked, WHERE I would like to save this annotation to, in other words, which note-file. It would be most amazing, if the note file would NOT have to be actually open to save it there , as it needs to be now. If I am working in 10 commentary and 5 bible note files, having all 15 of them open is a hassle.

        The benefit would be a faster and simpler work-flow: I would not have to keep the "Highlighting" Pane open and constantly change which note file I need to save the highlight to.

        Another option would be to add a cleaner, more intuitive annotations functionality to he right-click menu. So that when some text is selected, you could choose your annotation and which note it goes to in a speedy fashion...sort of similar to the ios functionality, which I actually find faster at times.

      • ryan.lenerz commented  · 

        Note sharing is most important to me. Many churches now have multiple preaching pastors who use Logos - it would be great if I could easilyshare my notes with another pastor on staff (I'm thinking it would work like sharing documents in dropbox where the user gets an email asking them to confirm the share).

      • Steve Jones commented  · 

        Notes should be designed to be primarily compatible with Turabian (as most people on here are in ministry which uses Turabian). When pasting notes into a document, it appears as a text box. This does not work in an academic setting as there are specific parameters that a paper has to be size wise (on the edges and within the paper itself), a cover page, title page, table of contents, pagination, footnotes, a bibliography, and of course the paper itself.

        Also, it is called "Notes" but you cannot take notes if they need to be numbered like most any classroom setting, or even a sermon. You have to use shapes and different colors. It needs a real numbering system the way you make a real outline, not a square for main points and stars for sub-points. For any seminary student, Notes is pretty useless. The only real benefit is using Notes as a running commentary on books of the Bible verse by verse, or passage by passage. That way you have something to refer to that you can quickly jot down about a passage and see in your Bible or versified text (which is pretty cool) before you forget! You can do all you need to with Clippings, then copy the portion of the text you want into your Word document. So Notes is pretty useless without it being a true document.

      • Eric Judd commented  · 

        My biggest request is making notes specifically searchable with highlighted hits. Main power of digital note-taking is being able to search for specific things in note files (Evernote does this, heck even a Word document can do this); the current search function of notes falls miserably short of this unfortunately, which means those of us with a lot of long detailed notes must manually search the content instead of having the computer do the work for us

      • Darryl Burling commented  · 

        Perhaps much of this functionality would be best achieved without significant change to Logos itself by implementing Multi-Markdown (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MultiMarkdown). This is a rich text based formatting system that supports common formatting (including tables). The changes to the engine would be minimal, as the storage wouldn't need to change, only the rendering. This would then allow a simple button click to allow users to work between rich text and text (much like html view vs visual or WYSYWIG in the forums).

        Providing the export feature for notes wouldn't be rocket science either, and adding evernote as an export target seems to make some sense.

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