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Create a digital copy of Bible Study Magazine

Create a digital version of Bible Study Magazine so that we can receive it as a digital copy. I would like to be able to receive it digitally so that I can have it with me and receive new copies when I'm away from home. This would allow me to read it when I'm away from Home.
A company called Book Baby can make a digital copy of a book for $99.00 and you can even get it in formats for iBooks, Kindle, Nook act. I would much rather receive it as a digital version than print.

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    Stephen Weasler shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • MJ Smith commented  · 

        This probably belongs on Book Suggestions freeing up your votes for Logos software projects.

      • Dave Thawley commented  · 

        I don't get why a digital media provider will only supply a paper copy of their magazine ? I live in the UK and the delivery cost is more that the cost you sell it for. Please make this electronically available.

      • Jan Krohn commented  · 

        I pledge to subscribe once Bible study magazine is available for Logos or Vyrso at the same conditions as print!!

      • Cheryl commented  · 

        Yes. Please. I'm trying not to accumulate paper. I could keep a digital copy forever. But… paper has to go due to the clutter factor. Please consider since I'm sure your paper copy goes to the printer digitally. Thank you.

      • Michael commented  · 

        I'm a charter subscriber, enjoy the magazine but I think that I would be able to use it more effectively if it was not only digital but in the Logos format.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        While I like the physcical magazine (well, I have the collected editon vol 1), I would like it digitally so I could search it along with my Logos Library.

      • JohnB commented  · 

        Yes I would strongly consider buying a digital version - I will not even look at a printed one because I just do not wish to have one no matter HOW good it might be.

        I will not at the moment because:

        1) The postage cost which is not required in digital

        2) The EXTRA postage cost in sending to the UK

        3) The cluttering that paper magazines make

        4) The storage space if I want to keep them - I am trying to de-clutter now. One reason for going 'Logos' was to rid myself of most real books.

        5) The unnecessary cost of a printed media over a digital one.

      • Rreffner commented  · 

        LOGOS is a digital company yet refuses to digitalize their monthly Bible Study publication. Makes no sense to me!

      • misty#penuts commented  · 

        will re order when it goes digital, have not received it after the first year

      • Debbie Eckmier commented  · 

        I'd like to have the digital version so I could do the studies right in my Logos program. I'm trying to decrease the number of books and magazines I collect in my home.
        I'd also like it to be searchable so if I'm doing a study it comes up in my searches.

      • misty#penuts commented  · 

        Would reorder if it goes digital, old ones get reused

      • Lannis Riddle commented  · 

        I have been subscribed now for several years and have ask on many occasion to have it digital! That's why i bought my copy of Logos for so i can get digital content. I would like the magazine to be the same way!

      • Stephen McC commented  · 

        Brilliant magazine. But with the costs of overseas postage and my desire to digitalise i have not renewed my subscription. But I will the first to renew when it is digitalised (like Tabletalk etc.)

      • Ian Heath commented  · 

        I live in the UK and post rates prohibit buying it as it is.

      • Floydj commented  · 

        It is also odd that it has only 99 votes -There should be a great deal of support for this.

      • Bruce Dunning commented  · 

        To me it is odd that a digital book company that wants to expand their current offering of journals does not even offer their own journal digitally. I hope this is rectified in the near future.

      • Rosie Perera commented  · 

        For those asking why, this is Logos's justification for why: http://blog.logos.com/2008/07/why_a_print_magazine/
        But to me that seems like a lame excuse. You can still keep a print edition and reach all those dinosaurs out there who aren't using computers to do their Bible study even if you have a digital edition. Nothing forces it to be either/or.

      • Nathan Parker commented  · 

        Especially for the iPad this would be great. Searchable in Logos too!

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