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Take the restrictions off of Sermon Editor

Greetings, let me begin by saying just how giddy I am that I now have Logos 7. I love it and have loved the software since Logos 1 (CD Word days). I am writing to ask for a couple of enhancements.

1st. Basics of Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary. You should make the words it is pronouncing bigger. Its not like you don’t have plenty of space in the left panel. It would help so that the pointing would be easier to see. Please change that.
2nd - I was so very excited to learn about the improvements to the sermon guide AKA sermon editor. Your instructional video touts its ability to make slides using the outline feature. Much to my horror and dismay its not quite what its advertised to be or at least the logical inference to be drawn from what is stated. The video shows a heading being chosen and words typed. Those words appear almost immediately in newly created slide. Now the most obvious expectation is that you could continue typing words under the heading and those words would be added to the slide. Not so. Ok, no problem so far. Because the next logical idea would be that you must be able to drag over the words typed and click on the add to slide icon and create the slide. Not So! I called tech service and was told oh no, L7 sermon editor is not a full fledged slide generator. My immediate and unfiltered response (in my mind but not said to the tech person) was then the sermon editor is nothing more than a tease!!! The Tech service person went on to explain that the thinking at Faithlife was that you didn’t want the sermon editor to compete with Proclaim. My response was that is not good thinking. The whole thrust of the L7 presentation was that sermon editor was going to make the sermon preparation easier. I found it to be so frustrating that I went back to my tried and true methods. Here is the sad part, what Sermon Editor touts itself as being able to do is exactly what one would want it to do. As for the “don’t want it to compete with Presentation” comment. l’ll admit that I know the underlying logic. Usually, software developers will present a limited functioning software that kinda does what their premier software does. However, the trade off is price. We couldn’t let you do for a $50 piece of software what our $500 software does. I get it. But Logos 7 is by no means the cheap knockoff to Proclaim.
I want to suggest that the non-compete ideology is most as in most unfortunate. Why should you be able to make the slides in Sermon Editor. I don’t mind that you cannot add your own logos and graphics, but you certainly should be able to add your words. I mean come on now! If you don’t then you’ve really hamstrung this great tool. I implore you to reconsider and make the Sermon Editor functional as a slide generator. Just to be fair too, I did sign up for Proclaim.

Thank you very much for considering my recommendations

Kingdom Blessings

Bishop Clifford L. Frazier

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  • Jacob Stewart commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree completely with this as well. It really is a workflow thing & I often wonder if it wouldn't be easier for me to simply create all of my own slides in Keynote. As it stands now, I have to export the slides I create (mostly by highlighting what I want on the slide and then clicking the "add to slide" button) to Keynote, but then I need to totally reformat most of the slides because they are so poorly laid out and Proclaim doesn't do a great job of handling the kinds of reformatting that I find best for our situation.
    I too would like for the Sermon Editor to be a full-functioning presentation creation tool so that I don't need to export into another program, etc. It really bogs down a process that could be sooooooo slick in 1 program!

    Additionally, this makes teaching someone else to use the Sermon Editor and complete a sermon presentation (complete with a handout with notes & questions, as well as a PP/Keynote presentation to be displayed through Proclaim) a nightmare as multiple programs must now be bought and taught.

    I think Faithlife can do much better on this workflow issue.

  • Tom commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree with this point. The sermon slide editor is disappointing and makes things more difficult.

  • Jasper commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Totally agree with you critique and opinion of sermon editor. To add...

    The ability to create slides in Sermon Editor wouldn't compete with Proclaim. The slides can ONLY be used in proclaim OR as a part of the sermon editor file for said sermon/bible study/outline

  • Jim commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have used Logos since floppy disks and have never truly been disappointed until Sermon Editor in L7. I'm near retirement and would not have bought the product without the SE as advertised. I'm a cut and paste Word/PP preacher and was promised I would never have to resort to that again because of the ease of use and capabilities of SE. Bought L7 this week; going back to cut and paste. Very disappointed.

  • Joe Vinson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'm not wanting to compete with Proclaim. I use Proclaim. I want Logos and Proclaim to work together without causing me more work in reformatting something I've already formatted. I love the idea of the Sermon Editor, it's just not that practical at this time. Cut and past from Word will do the same thing. I hope this will change in the near future.

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