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Nota Bene, a powerful word processor & bibliographic tool right within Logos https://faithlife.com/nota-bene-software/ Paper Writing Heaven

If you already use Nota Bene you know how great this software is for writing and research. Imagine all the benefits of Nota Bene, Ibidem and Orbis right in the framework of Logos. With the Nota Bene word processor one could write their next paper, article, or full length book with all the benefits of picking your styles (Turabian, APA, etc.) and utilizing the bibliographic manager of Ibidem.

Logos already has a word processor within it, to take notes, though this is nothing compared to the engine of Nota Bene. Logos also has it's own bibliographic tools to keep track of resources, though not as detailed as that of Nota Bene's Ibidem. Logos also has the Personal Books feature to add your own writing into Logos, though imagine if all the benefits of Orbis were working hand in hand within Logos. To be able to search every major library in the World, and create a Bibliography with every detail that library databases utilize, is simply remarkable.

If you have not yet used Nota Bene, please take the time to look at their site and get a trial version of the software. The online tutorials show just how useful this software is, which is used by many major Seminaries and Scholars Worldwide.

Check out the word processor here: http://www.notabene.com/brochures/notabene.html

Ibidem, the bibliographic manager, here: http://www.notabene.com/brochures/ibidem.html

Orbis, the database tool, here: http://www.notabene.com/brochures/orbis.html

Archiva, web-research, data-capture and conversion modules: http://www.notabene.com/products/archiva_platinum_overview.html

The growing list of institutions that already use Nota Bene: http://www.notabene.com/institutions_list.html

N.T. Wright has used Nota Bene for years, among many other notable Scholars: http://www.notabene.com/NBAuthors/NT_Wright.html

Please join this group: https://faithlife.com/nota-bene-software/ and show your support for Nota Bene. We hope to see Nota Bene and Logos partner together in the near future, to help us all in our academic pursuits.

Thank you,

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  • Nathan Parker commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I would like to see global copy/export options from Logos to Nota Bene for sure. Basically anywhere Logos can copy/export to Word, I want the option to do so for Nota Bene. It would be simpler than dealing with the RTF export option.

    To answer people's questions, yes, Nota Bene is a standalone word processor, and I don't see the two marrying as deeply as the original poster mentioned unless Faithlife/Logos acquired Nota Bene, and that is unlikely to happen.

    With that said, I do hope that Logos will add more copy/export integration options for Nota Bene and that more Logos users will give Nota Bene a serious look.

    When I originally saw the price, I was skeptical at first, but after giving the trial a solid spin, it's worth every penny, and I will be purchasing Nota Bene this week and transitioning to it for all my future academic writing. I've had my share of issues with Word (on Windows and Mac, on the Mac I used Nisus Writer Pro for academic writing), and I simply can't trust that Word won't crack under pressure when I need to prepare mission critical academic writing.

    Not only is Nota Bene more solid and performs better, but once one seriously looks at the suite of tools it contains (Lingua, Ibidem, Orbis, Archiva, etc.), one will see just how much of an academic dream it is to write in the program versus dealing with Word.

    While the interface feels a little dated and intimidating at first, don't let it overwhelm you. Once you master it, you can really harness its power.

    Later this year I do plan to produce a series of videos that shows how to integrate Nota Bene into a workflow with Logos and some important tips to keep in mind.

  • Ed Dingess commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    So how is this showing my how Nota Bene works WITHIN Logos? For the moment, Nota Bene is just another external Word Processor that functions like any other Word Processor does with Logos.

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