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  1. Option to store Logos mobile app data on SD card instead of phone's internal memory  ·  declined

  2. create a library-like interface for user data so that one could add, sort, filter, search user data

  3. Printing is clunky. bug in printing clippings, notes, and highlighting files. It s only printing summary information.

  4. Modify printing of bibliographies and collections to allow a user selected list of fields for inclusion in output.

  5. Re-work the indexing tool to a more rapid response. A librarian does't take every book down and re-shelve them when a new book arrives.

  6. improve the ability of Logos to work with my touch screen laptop. When I use it in tablet mode logos does not respond quickly or not at al  ·  declined

  7. Provide a way to easily copy notes along with the page number(s) into Zotero without the rest of the data.

  8. Provide a way to enter data in Grk and Hbw in Notes. I often need this and I'm sure I am not alone. Scott Campbell

  9. Develop a better algorithm for entries in GO box & Logos "shop". If I slightly misspell something it is baffled.

  10. Fix the glitch in Prayer list mode

  11. enable the word ring pull-away sections in the app to generate info from pref Bible, not just ESV.

  12. allow for 10 second rewind or fast forward in videos

  13. Window 10 Tablet PC support

  14. The Document finder does not mark system files

  15. update management

  16. Make Workflow Guides exportable

  17. promote and provide more Wesleyan and Arminian resources

  18. Create a simple attendance check block in your Proclaim bulletin in addition to the contact card

  19. Animation Software for Christians

  20. N T Wrong !