1. Import Syntax Queries  ·  completed

  2. Improve Logos 4 Menu Responsiveness  ·  completed

  3. Able to print workbook with responses.

  4. User generated data: timelines  ·  declined

  5. Have buttons show a more obvious response to being clicked

  6. create a library-like interface for user data so that one could add, sort, filter, search user data

  7. Let change offline storage location (D:\ instead of C:\) for logos offline data  ·  completed

  8. use info and data sets from Center for Study of Global Christianity (and World Christian Encyclopedia

  9. Add an option that allows a user not to upload their personal data (notes, prayers)to Logos' servers  ·  declined

  10. Reader's Edition Interlinear... Popular Textbooks, Morph Data & Word Lists

  11. improve the ability of Logos to work with my touch screen laptop. When I use it in tablet mode logos does not respond quickly or not at al  ·  declined

  12. Graphical search  ·  declined

  13. Printing is clunky. bug in printing clippings, notes, and highlighting files. It s only printing summary information.

  14. Modify printing of bibliographies and collections to allow a user selected list of fields for inclusion in output.

  15. Format Discussions on Faithlife Groups Into Threaded Responses

  16. New data type for lectionaries  ·  completed

  17. Provide guides to research data such as morphologies, abbreviations, etc

  18. Enable Export of Workflow Data INCLUDING Text Headers and Questions: Educational Necessity  ·  completed

  19. Fix the glitch in Prayer list mode

  20. Privacy Feature

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