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    Eliran commented  · 

    Hi Robert Oster,

    It can actually be done. Kitkat dose allow individual app to write a folder that it owns in a SD card. It doesn't allow writting other folders in SD card which the app doesn't own. What logos needs to do is to update its app, and created an owned folder I'm SD card on installation. A good example is the MySword bible app. It creates an owned folder I'm SD card, allowing users to install modules files in SD card. Many other apps does the update, allowing to write to a specific folder on SD card. OfficeSuite is another example. The article link you posted have been misunderstood by many. That makes people have too much complaints on Google, rather than developer s themselves. Google did announce this feature before implent the policy. If developers is not too lazy to update their apps, users should not be too panic. I would greatly appreciate if logos developers would take it serious to update the app. My device only has 16GB storage, but I did puchase too much modules to be used with my device.