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    Roderick L. Barnes, Sr. commented  · 

    The Notes feature of Logos is one of the most important. Recent improvements have made it easier to use our Notes as a great repository of information gathered during studies. (Bravo for allowing graphics; this has been more than nice.)

    In my work and in the opinion of others in the forum, tables are an essential part of note taking. Ours is an age where people are increasingly comfortable organizing their notes in a tabular format. Each row is a record of data and each column contains an attribute of a record.

    When composing notes that are based on data (patriarchs and ages, locations and topological features, books and literary characteristics) the table is the de facto standard for presenting the data. The absence of this feature means that we are often forced to go outside of Logos to do the kind of editing that we expect in even the most rudimentary of web-based editors.

    Here below is a minimalistic list of table-editing features that we are needing in Logos notes:

    Cell Merge - we need the ability to merge cells. This makes it possible to create row headers, column headers, and summaries.
    Cell Shading - even if the shading is grayscale it would help make the table content easier to read.
    Table Alignment - the user should be able to make the table left-aligned, right-aligned, or centered.

    Thank you for taking time out to read this suggestion.

    In His grip by His grace,
    Roderick L. Barnes, Sr.