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    Anonymous commented  · 

    I understand that in order for Logos to load faster this option was taken away but I'd sure request it to come back. As people get older, we tend to shake more and it becomes rather difficult to go up there and select a little box and then when the box opens we are to (keep a stead hand) and click again on a little box of our desired background color. Then, we are to go to another little box (for the font color) and (trying not to shake we are to again try and click on the right colored little box for the font color). It's difficult to do when we can't see as well or hold still. But it is a good feeling when we finally are able to have created that edit in our notes. It was nice of Logos to then allow us to go back up to the menu bar and make one little click to repeat a process that originally took 4 clicks.
    Another option would be to perhaps allow us to simply be able to use one of our custom highlights in the highlight menu. If we could do that then we could simply scroll to our own created highlight and click on it to repeat or choose a style for within our notes.
    It's difficult to grow old and still "press on" to the high calling... Part of pression on means being able to take 70 year old eyes and look down at our notes (wishfully just 'glancing' at our notes) and then back up to the congregation as we are "teaching them to observe all things I've commanded you..." (Matt. 28:20). But when us old guys lose some of those faculties and we also lose some of those former Logos shortcuts, it seems that instead of people "observing all things" they are "observing our feeble fumbling" during the teaching process. I know that's part of the process but would sure appreciate Logos' help in not rushing us out of the pulpit too soon LOL.
    Thanks for your consideration to bring back this function either in the top menu bar as in the past or even better to allow us to do so from the side custom highlight menu.

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