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    Joel Moore commented  · 

    As Christians we value studying the Bible together as families so we can build strong marriages, and help our children develop a love for God's Word as they learn and grow in it with us. Logos is an amazing resource for studying the Bible, and it would be even more amazing if it could build in some family dynamics.

    I know that I can load Logos on my wife's computer, and on my boys' computer when we get them one, but I understand that they would all have to log in under my Logos ID. In talking to support, I could use visual filters, and maybe collections in some ways to keep my wife's work separate from mine. And it seems like maybe I could create a highlighting palette for my wife, where if she uses only that palette I could then have her highlights not show on my computer. While this might help, it doesn't seem to be a great solution for people who spend a lot of time in Logos and have organized it just the way they want it. In my case, I would have to educate all of my family members very well on the software, and then they would have to follow all my suggestions for me to avoid changes by others that I would not want, and that's really not realistic.

    So I was hoping Logos could allow people to prove their family relationships, and then the people in your family may download Logos on their own devices with their own Logos IDs. Then, if the husband for example has invested in a large library, he can own the master account where he can designate certain resources to be downloaded onto family member accounts, and each family member would have a completely clean copy of that resource so no settings, highlights or anything else can create disorder, and everybody can set things up and use Logos as works best for them.

    If you wanted to make Logos even MORE awesome than that, maybe you could then take the value that we have for the husband-wife relationship and build it up in the software, such as by making a tool for husband and wife Bible study! (And kids separately too.) Logos could be responsible for improving marriages and spiritual growth in families. Maybe you could have certain resources, notes, reading plans, comments or dialogue streams within the family, and prayer lists that could be designated for working on together in a new "Family" tool with lots of functionality toward how people can best study the Bible together, perhaps at different times. The so populated Family tool would then appear on all of your family members' respective devices within Logos (under everybody's own ID), and you could work together as a family! Yet changes regarding the resources such as highlighting and other changes made from within the Family tool would, or would not, depending upon each user's choices, carry over when the user is outside the Family tool (e.g. the user still has a clean copy of the resources without any family edits, when outside the Family tool).

    I would think this would also be a smart business move for Logos, because the more you engage the whole family, the more resources that will end up being purchased. For example, when my son starts studying Romans and wants to read this new book by this one pastor he heard about at youth group on the subject, he's going to want to buy it, and then maybe we add that to our family study. If you make it dynamic and awesome for somebody to use Logos for spiritual growth of their family, you will be facilitating and incentivizing the creation of a lot more Logos users.

    So pretty please, could Logos help make families stronger by thinking this out and helping us use our already owned resources to grow our families too? I know there are many that would be most grateful for your thought and effort in this area.

    Joel Moore supported this idea  ·